Mixalis Taverna

Just after Easter, I (mixalis) was sitting having lunch with Mixalis, Mixalis, Mixalis, Yanny, and Costas, when Mixalis (who runs the taverna) brought us a plate of fish. We were sitting at tables under the shade that you can just see in front of the taverna. Another Yanny (a fish seller), came to join us and noticed fish swimming in the water just below our table. He went to his car and brought out a line with hooks on, attaached some of our bread to it (making sure it was too large for the smaller fish) and started fishing. Within 10 minutes, he had caught 7 fish, each about 1Kg. Later that night, I was invited to his "beach house" where he barbequed them over a masticha charcoal fire. Can you guess how good they were?